003 Understanding DISC and Behavior Styles With Communications Guru Amy Woodall

May 29, 2015

Amy Woodall is a Communications and Customer Service Trainer with Trustpointe.  Amy is an absolute master of DISC and behavior styles, and in this episode, Amy helps us grasp the importance of understanding other people and how they operate.

  • It's common for people to want to be a "high D" on the DISC profile.

  • DISC gives you a snapshot of what your behavior style is and how you appear to other people.

  • DISC assessments are generally amazingly accurate.

  • Many people like to read their DISC results, but then "put it away" and don't put it to use.  This is a big mistake!

  • Tony is a "High I," and generally finds it very easy to "be around people."

  • Amy helps people grow in areas they need to master to be effective.

  • DISC does not measure what people can and cannot do.

  • "High D" people generally are impatient problem-solvers who like to move at a fast pace.

  • We tend to marry our opposites, but at work, we often clash with our opposites.

  • The most successful people are those that learn how other people work, and how they want to be treated. (Not all successful people are "High D.")
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